About staicy

staicy is a data management platform that allows you to connect the dots of your health and research project. Not only to easily capture your data, but also to manageanalyzeintegrate and correlate to each other. So that, in just a few minutes, you will generate the most beautiful insights.

staicy, developed by genae, embodies two decades of experience in Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and clinical research. Built on the expertise of more than 600 clinical trials in almost 100 countries and involving more than 100,000 subjects, genae's proprietary and ISO27001:2017 certified Digital Health platforms are widely adopted by pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies, CRO's and researchers around the world.

The patented geo-storage feature allows users to store their data where they want, and comply with current data and privacy regulations. Would you like to know how staicy supports our customers in their projects? Discover her expertise through these case studies.

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