Case study - Patient Reported Outcome Measurements (PROM)

A patient-centric approach in collecting and sharing health records may have a substantial impact on healthcare & research. staicy enables patients to share data directly with clinical teams.

When health data is scattered in different locations or accessible to different groups and individuals, it becomes difficult to keep the overview or to make correct treatment decisions towards individual patients. This has a significant impact on healthcare because time and resources are spent in trying to capture and aggregate data. Allowing patients to have access to their data or to actively share specific data, becomes an added value; it facilitates continuous assessment of health outcomes (electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment or eCOA) and empowers patients to manage their own health.

genae’s health and research management platform staicy captures health and research data from various sources and aggregates it to enable visual data discovery.

genae provides solutions that permit patients to share data directly with clinical (research) teams. Patients answer a pre-defined set of questions or use connected devices via a mobile app. This data is synchronized with staicy where it can be accessed by designated users. Selective data can be shared with persons involved -- patients, physicians and research staff -- and triggers new insights instantaneously.

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