Major advancements in MedTech are leading to the development of an increasing number of connected devices that generate, collect, analyze and transmit data. The benefits of such devices include accelerating diagnoses, catching potential issues ahead of time, keeping patients and clinicians informed and visualizing data for easy review.

staicy is here to process your device data in a simple 3-step workflow. By capturing, managing and visualizing your data, staicy becomes an integral part of your product.

    1. Capture: staicy connects with your device, such as monitoring devices, movement sensors and diagnostic devices, and securely captures and stores your data in compliance with HIPAA and GDPR.
    2. Manage: staicy’s customized modules and workflow allow you to manage your data, while keeping full control. AI, physician interpretation or patient input can be used to comb through this data and generate new insights.
    3. Visualize: staicy visualizes your data when and how you need it, whether it's via a personalized dashboard, a push notification, a mobile app or a simple export, and can be adapted to your product branding.

    Here are some examples of how staicy captures, manages and visualizes data-generating devices.

    Example 1: Monitoring device
    We can connect a wearable vest that monitors lung fluids to staicy and set up real time trigger notifications for the patient and the physician when fluids accumulate.

    Example 2: Motion sensor
    staicy’s dashboards can deliver clinical insight into the data measured by wearable sensors, and the relationships among them.

    Example 3: Diagnostic device
    We can connect staicy to an ECG patch, and set up a platform that uploads, downloads and shares ECG analysis reports, as well as reports patient symptoms and diary events, reported by the patient.

    Do you have a device that generates data? Let us know and we would be happy to help connect your device and together improve patient outcomes.

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