Integrate data silos, eClinical systems (e.g. CTMS, ePRO, Hospital files, Medical Imaging, Health Records) and wearables (e.g. neurological devices, biosensors, ECG & glucose monitors) and connect to what matters to you.

If it's a one-time import, a transfer from internal systems or a connection with external applications, staicy integrates all data efficiently.

Connect to what matters to you

Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), ePRO, Hospital files, Next-generation sequencing, Medical Imaging, Electronic Medical or Health Records (EMR/EHR): it doesn't matter what type of data you want or where it lives, connect to various internal and external data sources and seamlessly exchange information via staicy. 

Integrating wearables

Connect your medical wearable - such as neurological devices, biosensors, ECG & glucose monitors - to staicy. Integrating wearable technology in data collection workflows enable remote monitoring and have a positive impact on patient compliance and medical costs.

Semantic databases

Data is organized in such a way that it can be interpreted meaningfully without human intervention. As a result, it has greater applicability and is more easily integrated into other databases.

Health-related mobile and web software development

Develops state-of-the-art Mobile and Web Solutions that meet your specifications and requirements related to usability, integration, security, and scalability.

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