Manage and shape your health and research project with staicy’s intuitive design and made-to-measure modules. Hosted on Microsoft Azure, staicy addresses the growing needs towards data protection and privacy, taking into account most recent regulatory requirements for clinical trials in the US and EU market, and beyond.

staicy’s patented geo-storage feature allows you to physically store your data where you want it and abide with current data and privacy regulations.

​​​Built on a solid foundation

Our proprietary software platform runs on Microsoft Azure. This infrastructure allows our clients to collect, store, and preserve health data in accordance with applicable local and global privacy regulations. staicy's patented geo-storage feature permits users to select the geographical location to store their data, thus protecting and regulating the data in compliance with Data Protection Regulations such as the GDPR and HIPAA.

Comprehensive, flexible and secure EDC

staicy EDC flexibility accommodates your workflow requirements. It manages multiple case report form (CRF) editions and seamlessly migrates existing data into new forms and structures. Easily configure CRFs, workflows, data blinding, source document verification (SDV) requirements, and more. All via a point-and-click browser interface. staicy EDC goes beyond traditional EDC and offers value-added data management and reporting capabilities.

Easily manage and track image logistics  

Transferring large image data sets, such as ECHO, MRI and ANGIO, has never been easier. Using the latest compression technology, staicy ensures immediate and automated tracking as the central communication platform provides all parties with up-to-the-minute data.

Fully customizable

The platform is customizable from A-Z to fit your needs. Simple configuration tailors staicy to the unique requirements of your project. staicy’s made-to-measure modules range from patient-centric solutions to customized workflows and reporting. The intuitive user interface is built from the perspective of the client and allows you to manage your users, your data, and your project.

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