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staicy offers different benefits to each stakeholder in the healthcare industry. See how staicy works for you.


Biotech manufacturers choose staicy because it helps keep them in control of timelines and costs associated with accelerated biotech trials.


CROs use staicy to lower their trial costs and make more competitive bids. Lower your monitor overhead with a reduction in site visits. Do more with less: more studies per year at a lower cost.

Medical Device

From our multifaceted staicy solution to our competency in compliance within the unique regulatory landscape of medical device research, staicy understands the needs of your industry.


As the world awaits the next breakthrough, pharma clinical trials are more important than ever. Accelerate your trials with innovative eHealth and eClinical tools and bring new life-saving drugs to market. View data in real time for review, analysis, and collaboration with CRO and site partners with scheduled reports emailed to your team.


Sites can improve relationships with sponsors with real-time collaboration. The unique user management system allows flexible views to all your studies and focuses on what’s relevant, facilitating any action that’s required. Spend more time with patients and less time on administration, which leads to a better collaboration and better relationships with CROs and sponsors.


Sponsors use staicy to reduce trial setup and downtime, accelerating their arrival at database lock. What’s more, staicy helps them to stay on top of their trial at all times. We manage global data compliance regulations so you can focus on running your project. View data in real time and schedule reports for distribution for review, analysis, and collaboration with CRO and site partners.


Wearable devices and sensors offer great potential in the collection of richer data and insights to enhance our understanding of the effects of treatment. They enable the collection of objective measures of intervention effects both in-clinic and in remote free-living settings. Our expertise will help you to understand and successfully address the complexities of implementation of wearable devices in clinical trial conduct, data management and interpretation.

How can staicy help you?

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